MARKTIO – World'#1 Powerful All-in-1 Marketing Automation System

World’#1 Powerful All-in-1 Marketing Automation System

Allows You To Profit From

The Power of Email, Text & FB Messenger

Under ONE Central Dashboard With ZERO MONTHLY Fees!

Core Features Of Marktio

Messenger BOT

  • Reply with Text, File, Image, Audio, Video, Gif
  • Generic Template, Carousel Template, Media Template
  • Post Back Buttons, Quick Reply Buttons
  • Button of URL, Phone Number, Webview , User Birthday
  • Quick Reply button of user Email, Phone Number
  • Personalized Reply with First Name, Last Name
  • Sync existing leads & migrate as BOT subscribers
  • Subscriber Profile with gender, time zone & locale
  • Segment subscriber by post-back button click
  • Segment subscriber by private reply
  • Segment subscriber by adding label manually
  • Typing on Enable Option
  • Custom delay in each reply
  • Mark Seen Action enable option
  • Persistent Menu
  • Different Persistent Menu add for Different locale.
  • Your Brand URL set option in Persistent Menu
  • Collect Phone Number from Quick Reply
  • Download Email & Phone Number as CSV
  • Error reporting log of reply
  • Export bot settings
  • Save exported bot data as template
  • Admin can save exported bot data as template for users
  • Import exported bot data for any page
  • Visual & interactive tree view of full bot

Facebook Posting

  • RSS Auto-posting
  • Text, Image, Multi-image, Video & Link Post
  • Carousel & Slideshow Post
  • CTA Button Post
  • Schedule/Instant Post to Your All Facebook Pages with a Single Click.
  • Periodic Re-posting Ability
  • Enable Auto Comment Reply Campaign With Post.
  • Full Report of Posting
  • Emoji Library

Ecommerce in Messenger

  • Multiple stores
  • All-in-one dashbaord
  • Product management
  • Category & attribute management
  • Coupon system
  • Paypal, Stripe, Cash On Delivery, Manual/Bank Payment
  • Order management (shipping, delivery, reject & accept order)
  • Order reciept in Messenger, email & SMS
  • Easy & flexible integration with Messenger Bot

Auto Comment Tools

  • Auto Comment on Page Post as Page
  • One-time & Periodic Comment
  • Serial & Random Periodic Comment
  • Auto Comment Template Management
  • Emoji and spintax comment
  • Choose Time & Date Interval of Comment
  • Increase Page Engagement

One Time Notification

  • One Time Notification request button in bot settings
  • One Time Notification Broadcasting after 24 hours
  • Send Promotional Message
  • Send Message with template

Email Marketing

  • Import CSV contact list & segmentation
  • Integrate with most popular email gateways (SMTP, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mandrill etc)
  • Broadcast email to Messenger collected emails
  • Broadcast email to custom imported list
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Get email campaign report, open rate & click rate
  • Email notification during email OPT-IN inside Messenger
  • MailChimp autoresponder intergration
  • DRIP Email Campaign

Social Media Posting

  • One click bulk post to 8 social media
  • Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress
  • Text, link, image & video posting
  • Campaign scheduling

Comment BOT Tools

  • Auto Private Reply for Post Comment.
  • Auto Private Reply with template message (image, video, buttons, quick reply, carousel, generic template)
  • Auto Comment Reply with Webhook as instant.
  • Auto Comment Reply for Post Comment.
  • Auto Like on Comment
  • Dark Post Reply
  • Reply Multi Image Post’s Each Image
  • Highly Customization Auto Private Reply & Comment Reply Text.
  • Filtering Word Based Auto Private Reply & Comment Reply Option.
  • Full Report of Auto Private Reply & Comment Reply.
  • Segment Subscribers
  • Emoji and spintax message

Page Inbox Manager

  • Pages Message in One Place
  • Reply Option from One Place.

SMS Marketing

  • Import CSV Contact List
  • Integrate with Most Popular SMS Gateways (Twilio, Plivo, Clickatell, Nexmo, AfricasTalking, Msg91, SemySMS, RouteSMS etc)
  • Integrate with custom HTTP API for Local Sms Provider
  • Broadcast SMS to Messenger Collected Phone numbers
  • Broadcast SMS to Custom Imported List
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • SMS Notification During Phone OPT-IN Inside Messenger
  • DRIP SMS Campaign



Every business knows the importance of social media for their marketing campaigns. Social media provides the opportunity to create a potentially viral message, to build powerful relationships with fans and leads, and to get feedback from that audience.

But social media is only one tool that the digital age provides us with when it comes to reaching large audiences and building deeper relationships with them. The smart marketers know that the key to great success online is to use all of these tools together. To see them like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle that are endlessly more effective when used in a combined manner.

The missing piece of the puzzle for many creators? Social messaging apps.

Social messaging apps are of course such things as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter. Even good old-fashioned SMS should be counted in there!

This is an option that has been available to marketers for decades now. And yet it is one that is very commonly overlooked by businesses. This is a huge missed opportunity however, seeing as social messaging might just be one of the most powerful options there is for marketers. This ebook will explain why that is, and show you how to tap into the full potential of this hugely beneficial strategy. 



Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Are you having problem attending the queries, objections and grievances from your customers 24*7? Are you afraid of hiring a social media manager because of your trust issues? Do you wish that there was an automatic way to handle the messages immediately, on your page?

The bad news is Facebook does not have a front-end feature as this but the good news is that

Markito brings to you a world class solution for this issue.

Markito is technically a messenger marketing software for Facebook. It helps you to address to your customers through technical setups. This invention is very new and surprising, tried and tested for ourselves. The even better part is that we got massively positive results by using these tools.

Here’s why you should choose Markito!

Bot Reply –  This is the foremost and most interesting feature of Markito. You are not a robot that would be able to attend the messages all the time. You are a human being, you have your personal life and more things to do. So why not have a robot to do this for you? Bot reply feature of Markito helps reply to customers immediately based on the keywords of their messages. Interesting right? This makes your customer feel that you care for them and thus creates more persistency.

Auto Reply – This is basically a secondary feature of Bot Reply divided in two segments.

  1. Auto Private Reply – Auto reply features basically gets your flooded inbox cleared up after sending replies and handling grievances of all the customers privately. This is done by the Bot Reply feature technically. It lets your customer feel like home when they come to you.
  1. Auto Comment Reply – So, you have a good fanbase on your page and your customers really like your posts. Do you have a problem maintaining touch with all of them and replying to each comment? We all know how difficult it becomes to do that. Moreover, you might miss out on very important clients due to this problem. Well, the Auto Comment Reply feature brings to you a well crafted solution for this. By the help of the Bot Reply feature, replies to comments can also be sent automatically on the basis of keywords. Don’t you think more engagement of you with your clients in this way will help your business grow more?

Page Message Manager – Markito manages the unread messages of your inbox, replies to them all and also has chatting facilities. A helpful and appealing feature to stay connected with your clients at large and even builds good public image of your page and business henceforth.

Complete Facebook poster- Who does not want to post, send and show to their clients and viewers pleasing pictures, videos and covers? After-all, that is how you attract audience on social media platforms. You can post texts, images, links and videos to your page or pages and guess what the bulk message feature will help you to send these personally to your prospective clients as well. Don’t you think this way, you have higher level of approach and your concerns will be put on table for your customers to see?

Persistent Menu – Markito comes with a menu options at your inbox with customized features and details about your page. This feature is available for your page visitors. It helps them explore more about your page which further helps to attract and retain more and genuine customers. It helps the visitors know more about you and feel free to engage in deals with you without any worries.

Auto Like – Markito comes with auto like feature that automatically likes your posts on your page as soon as they are uploaded on it. It shows greater activity on social media.

We do know your problems on social media marketing and that is why we came up with ideas and produced something like Markito. A perfect software you require to have the best out of the good you already are having, to help you grow and prosper, sore skies because, sky is the li



Do you have a business on Facebook? Do you sell not one but multiple products online? Are you facing certain problems to market your products exclusively to prospective customers? Do you feel agitated by sorting and sending messages of promotions to different clients one by one? Are you facing a chaos in handling ur inbox flooded with messages of different customers asking about different products?

We have got you covered! Unfortunately, Facebook does not have the solutions or features to your problems. But, Markito’s E-commerce feature brings to you, the solutions to those problems through it’s software.

We have a software to help you grow your business on Facebook. We have come up with many exclusive features to be support for your business.

Multiple-stores –  You must be having multiple products to market. Different ones for different customers right? It might be the case that your clients missed out on your page about the advertisement of the product. Of-course it is not easy to manage that. Markito helps you by reaching out to the prospects only as per the product type in the inbox, through it’s exclusive features.

 Product Management :- You can manage the leads and advertisements of your products as per your chosen customers. You just have to categorise and group the customers according to the products. Then, just a click and your work gets done. Easy right? Easier than how you used to send those messages to all of them, one by one?

 Category and attribute management :- Basically the same thing, you have different products for different people. Like, suppose you are a business to sell all sorts of equipments to prospective users. The photographers and videographers need camera equipments but the printing industries need different sets of instruments. Both have different sub categories and different attributes. Therefore, to approach that photographer and that factory owner or whatever different sets of consumers you want to approach, you can have Markito to your work done easily and quickly.

Coupon System :- If you are a great marketer, you must be knowing the effects of coupon system. How it attracts consumers, how many consumers and if it is suitable for the kind of products you market. Well, you must be wanting to use them on your Facebook business, sending them in your messenger to the prospects? Markito, again helps you in this activity because you further categories customers into sub categories to advertise about your promotional campaigns.

Mode of Delivery :-  After the sale being closed, delivery and after sale services become a matter of concern for all the businesses. Markito helps via it’s feature of messenger bot to display all the options of payments, like the COD

(Cash On Delivery), NEFT transfer, UPI, Debit card payments, etc. as soon as the customer has decided to purchase the product.

Order Management :- Again, so many customers, so many orders, for so many products. Difficult to handle right? We have got you covered through Markito yet again! E-commerce of Markito, categorises and organises, keeps you updated and helps you sort all the customers and their orders, from placing them till delivery, all the messages are sent to the clients and they stay updated through this.

Order Receipt in Messenger :- Once the order is placed to delivered, all the required receipts and documents with confirmations, automatically gets sent to the customers and Markito’s messenger updates them about the status of their products, till the delivery is being made. Messages are automatically sent to all the handles of the customer like e-mail, phone message, etc. so there stays more backups and evidences.

Easy and Flexible Integration with Messenger Bot :- So, in your absence, there will always be the messenger bot, which is the most iconic feature of Markito. It will help you process all the above mentioned tasks through the settings of some basic keywords. It solves all your problems of handling the page, the inbox for customers. You can literally sit back and relax about this work and focus on the other branches of your business.

 We did put ourselves in your shoes, critically thought about it and came up with ideas and solutions for you. Have something that you can trust. Have something that will always help you in all the ups and downs of the business. Have Markito for your business!



Bulk Message Sending – Do you have some announcements to make? About offers, giveaways, discounts, events, etc.? Problem is you have a huge number of people to approach, time is less and to send messages to each one of them individually doesn’t seem humanly possible? We understand this problem of yours ans thus we came up with Bulk Message Sending feature. Markito enables you to send messages in a go to all the people you want to approach.

Again, is there a problem of sending different messages to different groups of people? Maybe, different ones for different kinds of subscribers and even non subscribers. We do understand your concern for the target group of customers too. So, Bulk Message feature has an option to send messages to different groups, in compact manner without any chaos. You are just a click away from your work of hours being done in a minute.

So many customers’ messages at the same time! So many messages to send to so many customers at the same time! So much work, so less time! Wait, did you just make a wish that there would be some switch that you would press and all your messages would be sent at a time? You did right? Guess what? We have a feature at Markito to solve these problems of yours.

What’s the feature?

We have a feature called Bulk Message Sending. It’s probable that you might have a lot of customers to remind about your existing offers or during the season to attract maximum customers.

By the help of this bulk message feature, you can send these messages to a large number of people as a broadcast message on Messenger, on SMS and on Emails.

You can actually get relieved by sending these messages one by one to your customers, which is a really a monotonous task.

How to use?

Using Markito is like a cake walk. All you have to do is to write the message, don’t forget to highlight the important words off-course, avail to the broadcast message option and there you are, press send. That’s all! Cake walk right? Told you!

Why would someone not like to make things this easy and save so much time that too with zero monthly fees! Markito has got you covered!

Have got to send a message but to selected customers only?

We have got you covered yet again! While creating this feature in Markito, we actually thought that what if a business has different lists of customers, like the subscribers and non-subscribers, the frequent buyers and not so frequent buyers, buyers for different kinds of products. Like, if you have a garments’ business,  why would you send messages to your men customers about the sarees sale that is coming up next month right? So we sort of have a plan. What if you create groups of customers on different basis and keep on adding the new ones into the same? Sounds interesting? That’s what Markito is!

So this way, one time you create the groups, you have it forever and can send messages to only the prospects and not all random people. Just to remind you, you can do this on messenger, Email and SMS too.

Is Markito suitable for your business?

Off-course yes! First thing first, think about technology. I mean everyone is having a smartphone nowadays. Everyone is exposed to this online world. People around the world, so far yet stay connected. Even the ones not fully being exposed to internet, is connected via a network. We all our connected on this cobweb of virtual network.

Don’t you think it is just the right time to go online and generate traffic for your products and services? Once you do that, you will need a trustworthy assistant. That’s what Markito brings to you.

 Whatever industry you are in, FMCG, garments, jewellery, raw materials, electronics, transport, etc. anything. You will have customers online. If not through Facebook, through Email, if not even Email, phone via SMS.

Even in offline businesses, say a shopping mall or supermarket, you will need to make promotions through Email and SMS online, on network. That is where Markito will help you. That is where Markito will assist you.

As already mentioned, Markito is just like a virtual assistant you’ll have.

It will help you through it’s

  • Bot settings- that is like, immediate and automatic responses due to some settings of mere keywords
  • Bulk message facility- sending information to chunks of customers at one go as per your choice.
  • Trustworthy- Markito is a mere software, unlike human beings, it is least vulnerable to making mistakes and cheating on business issues from you. So, you always have this sense of relaxation when you have it.
  • Zero monthly fees- Markito doesn’t charge you any monthly charges so you do not need to add that expense to your list of monthly bills.

So many facilities in one single DASHBOARD. So many features to get you to an ease in single go, just at the drop of your hat! So why not have it? 



Social Media Posting – We all know how important a presentation is. Be it physical or virtual. Nowadays, social media posting has become a very important way of presentation. It should be appealing to the eyes of your customers, hit their mind when they see it, pursue them to buy from you, pay attention to you and keep them on the page for a long time, to make them see your content, to make them trust your content and to make them a regular viewer. Likewise, it is very  important that it reaches to maximum of your customers. Markito comes with such features, that it covers maximum possibilities of reaching out to the prospects.

One click bulk post to eight social media – Markito enables you to post your content on eight of your social media handles at one click. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, Reddit and WordPress. All of them at once. You just have to keep your accounts linked and the feature enabled. No need of posting the same thing with all the tags and hashtags, again and again on different sites. Your work done at the drop of a hat, in one click.

Text, link, image and video posting – Markito allows you to have absolute flexibility of sharing your content at all platforms, in all ways. Be it in text, in form of images or shot videos. You can share all of it through the help of Markito. You just have to create. Markito helps to spread and we all know that spreading and reaching the right prospects, are the two principles for growing on social media and achieving success.

campaign scheduling – Do you have majority of your viewers from abroad? From an altogether different time zone and you want them to see your content at a particular time or say in the early morning? Do you often forget things? Is it so that you often are unable to post your work on social media because you were busy in an important meeting? Do you wish at that time that if only somebody could do it for you? But, to higher a person just to share content at a particular time is so lame right? What if there was some technique to make it happen? No more ‘what ifs’ because we have such a feature for you. Campaign scheduling in Markito helps you to post your content, on your desired social media handles, at your desired time on your behalf. You just have to set the time like you set alarm for waking up every night.

So easy, so simple and so much of reduction of workload at once right? That’s what Markito brings to you. It saves time and makes task easier than ever. You are just a click away, always, from doing tons of work get done at once.



Drip Message, SMS and E-mail  – Do you often mess up or have fear that you might mess up in sending emails and SMS messages in proper sequence, proper timings and to the right customers? Also, don’t you think that your customers can miss out on your important messages scrolling through their inbox or chat? Markito has got you covered there. Drip SMS and E-mail feature of Markito helps you to send those messages as you want. In proper sequences, for follow ups and discounts, separately. It sort of gives proper and clear understanding to your clients and keeps your inbox and chats more organised than ever.

Isn’t that relaxing to have the assistance of such an amazingly designed software for your page? You are an entrepreneur, a blogger, a creator but with Markito, you can be a cooler version of all of that.

And you can get access to

EVERYTHING we just mentioned above at the CRAZY, discounted, ONE-TIME price you see below (yup, ZERO monthly fees)


  • Unlimited Auto Comment Campaign
  • Unlimited Auto Reply Posts
  • Unlimited Conversation Promo Broadcast Send
  • Unlimited Email Broadcast
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Unlimited Facebook Posting
  • Unlimited Inbox Conversation Manager
  • Unlimited Messenger Bot - Connectivity : JSON API
  • Unlimited Messenger Bot - Connectivity : Webview Builder
  • Unlimited Messenger Bot - Email Auto Responder
  • Unlimited Broadcast : Subscriber Bulk Message Send
  • Unlimited Engagement : Checkbox Plugin
  • Unlimited Customer Chat Plugin
  • Unlimited Links
  • Unlimited Send to Messenger
  • Unlimited Export, Import & Tree View
  • Unlimited Messenger E-commerce
  • Unlimited One Time Notification Send
  • Unlimited Rss auto posting
  • Unlimited SMS Broadcast - SMS Send
  • Unlimited Social Poster
  • Unlimited Utility Search Tools
MARKTIO 2.0 Ultra


  • Unlimited Auto Comment Campaign
  • Unlimited Auto Reply Posts
  • Unlimited Conversation Promo Broadcast Send
  • Unlimited Email Broadcast
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Unlimited Facebook Posting
  • Unlimited Inbox Conversation Manager
  • Unlimited Messenger Bot - Connectivity : JSON API
  • Unlimited Messenger Bot - Connectivity : Webview Builder
  • Unlimited Messenger Bot - Email Auto Responder
  • Unlimited Broadcast : Subscriber Bulk Message Send
  • Unlimited Engagement : Checkbox Plugin
  • Unlimited Customer Chat Plugin
  • Unlimited Links
  • Unlimited Send to Messenger
  • Unlimited Export, Import & Tree View
  • Unlimited Messenger E-commerce
  • Unlimited One Time Notification Send
  • Unlimited Rss auto posting
  • Unlimited SMS Broadcast - SMS Send
  • Unlimited Social Poster
  • Unlimited Utility Search Tools
  • Unlimited Email Broadcast - Sequence Campaign
  • Unlimited Messenger Sequence Campaign
  • Unlimited SMS Broadcast - Sequence Campaign
MARKTIO 2.0 Ultra Professional
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